Clothing for Boys.

This is a rant.

Anyone who does not wish to read an annoyed mothers rant, do not read past this warning.

Well, where to start? Oscar is currently growing at an alarming rate and I find myself having to buy clothes every other week, I wouldn’t mind so much if baby clothes weren’t so expensive! Or if even there were some DECENT little boy clothes around! The only NICE little boy clothes I have been able to fins come with price tags on them of about £15 a piece! MY CLOTHES ARE CHEAPER THAN THIS!!!

I think it is an absolute disgrace! For something so small how can it be justified??

The only place that does reasonable priced good quality clothes is Sainsbury’s!

And the worst part of all this? What really gets my blood boiling? The fact that you walk into a shop and there will be rails upon rails of lovely little girl clothes but for boys? There is only ever one measly pathetic section full of un-cute clothes which have CARS on them!? what baby wants to wear cars? Why project this stereotypical CARS = BOY crap onto babies? fairenough if they are 2 or 3, but why put a baby in a top with a car on? It makes me so annoyed. Why do little girls get to wear variety and boys just have awful dark colours with awful prints on? When did babies get caught up in all this ‘boys must wear this’ and ‘Girls must wear this’ ?? I think it is totally unfair. Especially as the decent boy clothing is all ridiculously over-priced.

It upsets me that girls clothing takes priority over boys clothing. Where is the fairness?



12 weeks and counting.

It’s been a while!

But last week I had my 12 week scan 😀 and everything appeared to be going well 😀 It was so amazing seeing my little baby on the screen.

She was wriggling and squirming so much at first! and then she decided that she was comfortable and didnt move much except to wave now and again. It was such a precious moment.

12 week scan

But oh my goodness. I think she’s (or he maybe) might take after her daddy. We were meant to do a fluid measurement to find out whether or not she has any risk of Down Syndrome but we couldn’t because baby didn’t want to go into the right position and no matter how much i wiggled on the bed baby just did not want to move and get into the right position. So like her daddy she she clearly doesn’t do as she’s told.

SO, we can’t do that test, but I am having  a blood test. Bleerrrgh Do not like them. The y make me feel queezy.


A few days after the scan we went for our first baby shop, and to be honest, we didn’t quite know what we were buying, so we just went for one or two things to stock up on:

  • Baby wipes
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby wash and soap
  • Sleepsuits
  • Bodysuits
  • Baby socks (which are so cute and tiny!)
  • Nappy bags

We’ve decided that w’re just going to stock up on essentials like the above for now, that way we’re not forever running out of things 🙂 (I thought it was a good idea)

We’ve also got some yellow bum cream (which you can’t buy in stores) which is amazing for nappy rash.

My mum has also said that she wants to buy us our cot, which is so nice of her and she’s also got us a Winnie the Pooh baby bath.

I’m so excited but I know it’s still fairly early and I still have 6 months  left! Which thinking about it, really isn’t that long, as these last 6 months have flown by…

I can’t wait for my little Christmas bundle