A Little Work Rant.

So, I think I’m over doing it at work.

I work in a pub, and a lot of the popular beer glasses are on the bottom shelf so I’m constantly bending down and trying to get back up again. I run around the floor collecting in plates and glasses and carrying peoples foods out. I get 20 minutes of break only when I’m working 7 hours or more so I’m on my feet for about 6 hours straight.

Most of the time I start work at 8am so I’m up at 6 and usually I can’t sleep at night because my little baby is a night owl so I constantly have little feet pitter pattering away inside keeping me awake, which I don’t mind, I love feeling my little baba. But you know, I quite like sleep too…

Most of my managers don’t ask me to do anything too bad, but surely 6hours + on my feet is bad enough? But there is one guy who believes that I am just a bit of driftwood that he has to pull along and always tries to get me out of the way, like going on the floor on busy shifts – I’m not meant to carry really heavy things and some of the plates we have (especially the roasts) are really heavy and running around trying to clear more then one table, which is what he apparently expects, is almost impossible! Have you ever tried to carry ten plates? It’s hard and gets heavy. I wouldn’t mind, but he never asks anyone else to ever go on the floor except me. It’s like he’s just trying to get the ‘pregnant one’ out of his way. And the worst thing, I work 10 times harder then he does!! He hides out the back chatting and having a laugh whilst I run around trying to do 10 jobs at once because he’s too bone idol to do so.

So yeah, I really think I’m over doing it at work. I can’t even feel baby moving I’m running around so much!!