Undecided Weaning.

So I want to do baby led weaning, but my mum and my mil keep presuring me to spoon feed. He’s now 4 months and they (especially my mum) keep trying to get me to give hiim purees and it’s driving me up the wall!

Oscar keeps watching me eat and I’ve gave him little bits here and there and he loves trying new things, but I really want baby-led to be the main weaning tactic that we use. I love the idea of him feeding himself and squishing food and throwing it!

I just really wish my mum could understand this. She knows I’ve tried him with a few things already and she’s trying to force me into giving him more and more. He’s 4 months so he can have a few things, but she’s on about giving him baby roasts and god knows what else!

I wish she would just understand that Oscar is my own child not hers I wish she would respect how I want to raise him.

SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY! I understand that she has done this before (4 times) and that spoon feeding was ‘the done thing’ back then but it’s not the 90’s anymore. I’ve tried to talk to her and to show her by books and recipies the type of weaing that I want to do but she goes in a huff. Am running out of ideas and am now too scared to ask her to baby sit as I know she’ll go behind my back and feed him a proper blended meal probably full of salt!


A Year Ago

It was around this time last year (the 4th to be precise!) That I found out I was pregnant and started this blog… admittedly I haven’t really posted much considering this blog is a year old, but recently I’ve been a lot better!

Me and my Oh had been trying for 4 months until I became pregnant, and I can still remember the heartache and the sheer let-down everytime I came on my period every month. But then in feb we decided to not try, and just hope for the best, so that we no longer kept our hopes up and got hurt, then a month later I was pregnant!! It was the most amazing, bestest feeling in the world.

We had said that if I got pregnant then we would keep it to opurselfs, but we were that happy and excited that I took my mum for a coffee and told her! And then phined ,my dad followed closely by all 3 of my sisters!

It was bittersweet telling my older sister as she’s been trying for a baby for 2 years now and still nothing 😦 fingers crossed that she has some good news for us this year!

We’ve decided that we are going to start trying for another one in august and hopefully we’ll have a May baby next year 🙂 I think 18/19 months difference is good, that’s the same distance as me and my sisters have between us and we’ve always been close.


Easter, Laughing, Rolling and Christmas

We’ve had our first easter with little man, he’s now 15 1/2 weeks he’s still not on solids as we’ve decioded to go with baby-led weaning, so until he can sit up and has a better hand-eye co-ordination he’s going to be staying wholely on milk, so no easter eggs for little man! (Though I did let him have a quick little like of a chocolate button, but shhhhh) so instead we bought him a lovely little peter rabbit rattle 🙂 amd he nought us a lovely little imprint set (nana actually bought it and put his hand and footprint in) it was such a lovely little present! I teared up when we got it!

One set of his godparents (my sister and brother-in-law) bought him a darling little book full of rhymes and stories and his other set of godparents (our Best friends) bought him a gorgeous Gruffalo t-shirt and even more gorgeous peter rabbit dungarees!  (In all I think we can say my little man has had a fairly decent first easter!)

Everytime I walk into his room in the morning he always smiles and giggles at me and it fills my heart with so much love I feel that it will explode! However, during the night he’s still waking up, some nights more than others, we think he’s going through his 4 month development leap and growth spurt! (Also his teeth are coming through so the poor little lamb is having a right mare of a time!!)

He’s only 15 1/2 weeks but already he’s out growing his 3-6 months clothing! His great nana bought him a 6-9 month jacket that fits him perfectly already! It’s totally mad how long he is!

Yesterday he did his first ever proper roll, I was so proud! (It was from his tummy onto his back, he hasn’t quite mastered rolling from back to front and gets stuck on his side, which is so cute) his face when he found himself on his back was a picture! So shocked and confused!

Everytime I see something that I like for him I have to buy it! Even if he’s too young for it I feel the need to buy it! And all I think is ‘Oh I’ll put that up for christmas or his birthday’ haha (I feel like I really am turning into my mother!!)

My cousin gave birth to a little boy on wednesday, they’ve named him James Jnr after his daddy 🙂 He made my little man look like a giant baby! I honestly cannot remember him being so small!! It’s amazing how quickly they grow and how fast you forget how small they were!


The Most Useless

I really must be a very poor excuse of a blogger. I had intended on posting about my labour and adjusting to beinga new mother… however, my little boy was born on December 15th 2012 and I totally forgot to post anything about it!! I was so caught up int he excitedment of finally meeting my little bundle of joy that I just didn’t even think to post anything about it! Useless. Totally Useless.

But here I am, 2 months later I am finally posting about everything!


So my first contractions started at about 4am on the 14th, they were very erratic and I wasnt entirely sure I was in labour. But very quickly they became close together, so off I went to hospital, however, unfortunaltly I was only 3 1/2 cm dialated. Apparently, not all pregnancies follow the ‘plan’ of slowly having your contrations geting close together gradually mine just wernt straight on in there!! However, I chose to go back home and there my mother joined me (I wont lie, my partner was useless so I’m glad my mum was there, later I was going to need someone to calm me down, and my darling Mr Greg was not the person to do that!!) about 3 hours later I was off back to the hospital, where I was told I was 5cm dialated. The relief I felt when I was told that was immense! I was convinced that I wouldn’t be far enough along for pain relief and my mum and Mr Greg had to literally force me back to hospital!! And so I started on Gas and Air, everything was going swimmingly! I the G&A was doing its job, I was bouncing on the ball, I was having baths, I was laughing… then slowly the pain became worse, and the G&A wasn’t working quite so well, however I persevered, then when it got too much, I decided to have a wee bit of pethidine which worked a treat! That along with the G&A I was on to a winner!! or so I thought…. my waters finally broke naturally at 11.30(ish) after much begging for the to be popped (my midwife refused, I was very annoyed) when they finally did go it wasnt a ‘gush’ which was how many people had described it to me as, but more of an eruption… my waters litarally srayed everything in close proximity! Apparently I called my midwife a b.i.t.c.h. however, I dont remember this, I do however remember begging for an epidural, she refused to give me this too, though I’m glad she did, apparently it’s horrible as you can’t feel anything, not even your own legs…

My midwife said that as soon as my waters broke baby would come out quickly, but I started pushing and literally nothing seemed to be happening. She started telling me that my baby was becoming destressed and I needed to really push, though god knows, I was pushing as hard as I could! because my baby was taking so long to come out she had to call the doctor. By this time I was so worried that something was terribly wrong, my partner (Mr Greg) was useless, wondering around like a wraith, my mother (who decided to come along for the ride) was amazing, trying to calm me down and talking me through breathing. In the end I had to have 2 episiotomies and a kiwi cap!! Turns out my gorgeous little sproglet had his hand up by his head, which made it so damn difficult to give birth to him!

I was so shocked that I had finally given birth that I totally forgot to ask when sex he was! It was my mother who asked!! I said all the way through my pregnancy that I would prefer a little girl, but as soon as they told me I had a son, I didn’t care, he was mine, my own little boy and I loved him instantaneously. Though I didn’t get to hold him straight away, It was Mr Greg that held him up to me as I was busy being stitched up 😦 I was upset about that, but I didn’t really have a say in it. I was however shocked at how much he looked like Mr Greg!! In the end Oscar was delivered at 00.27 on 15th December.

All that night I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t take my eyes of my beautiful little boy. I was so scared of touching him, I had no idea how to pick him up or hold him, so I just stared at him until a midwife came around. They wanted to keep me in for a while because Ozzie didn’t take to breast feeding straight away, so we gave him some formula milk and I pretty much bullied the midwives into letting me go home!

I’ve now had him for 8 weeks and 2 days and they have been the best weeks of my life. I can’t imagine how I ever lived without him! Yes sometimes I’m tirerd and sometimes I’m fed up and too knackared to do anything but most of all I’m in love and happy. I’ve realised I never knew what real love was until I had him. The sencond day we had him home he took to breast feeding and it melted my heart to see him feeding from me!

Though, when all my milk came forward I was totally unprepared!! I mean, where the hell did it all come from?!?! I was leaking left right and centre!! Though last week I had to take him of breast as he’s already started teething! I know front teeth are meant to come first, but little Oz has all his top back teeth and a few front and his bottom front teeth all cutting trough at the same time! My poor little boy couldn’t latch on without it being excruciatingly painful for him so we’ve had to but him on bottle (it’s alot easier for him to suck on bottle so less painful!)

Anyway, for now this is it! Hopefully I wont forget post for another 2 months!!

So, again I have left it absolutely ages since I last posted. I would have liked to post about my labour and adjusting to having a little spoglet around the house, but alas, no such post can exist seeing as my little trooper has decided that my womb is much too warm and cosy to leave.

I am now 4 days over my due date, and my god it is testing my patience! I set myself up for having a baby by now but instead I still have a bump. It is actually rather upsetting… you think you’re going to have a baby by your due date (you know that there’s always a chance that you’ll go over, but you don’t really think it’ll happen to you) and then your due date comes and goes and it really is heart-breaking 😦

I just want to see what my baby looks like, I want to know if it’s an Annabelle or an Oscar, I want to know how heavy he / she is, I want to hear them cry, I want to have their little fist grab my finger, and most of all, I want to be able to hold them close and know that I am finally a mother, to feel the bond that mothers have with their child.

We’ve bought him / her Christmas presents, I know it’s a bit ridiculous seeing as baby wont even realise that it’s Christmas, but I couldn’t resist! My own parents have bought him / her something too, it’s really cute, all my family are so excited! Next time I don’t think i’ll tell people the due date as I’m inundated with calls and texts asking if baby has arrived yet! It’s quite upsetting having to say ‘No’ all the time!

And the wait continues…