Swimming etc…

It is official, my little man is a water baby, he has grown his water wings 🙂

Last tuesday he went baby swimming 😀 and he loved it 😀 no crying like a lot of young babies do (apparently) he was loving being splashed by the older babies (we went in a group and LM was the youngest one there). We went to a swimming pool in Nuneaton, Pingles I think it was called, and it was lovely, they even had a baby pool, which was ok, but I think Oscar prefered being dragged around the shallows of the big pool.

There was one little boy there who had just turned one and had just learned to walk he was adorable toddling around the cafe afterwards! Running rings around his mother and causing chaos and attempting to rearrange furniture! It made me so impatient for Oscar to start crawling/walking. But he is only 17 weeks today and the more I think about it, the more I want to keep him young and small and giggly 😀

Anyway, back to swimming, he wpre these darling little swimming shorts and was in Boots ownbrand swimming nappies, which were so cute, they’re bright green with little octopus on! He loved being dragged around the pool, we didn’t use any blow-up props I just held him and he absolutely loved every minute of it, he even forgot to be hungry!!

And even after getting dry and dressed he didn’t cry! I was totally amazed, and even in the cafe he didn’t cry for food, he was just such a gorgeous happy little mite!

Now that he’s been once I think im going to take him every week 😀