Does anyone else have a toy problem?  I feel like I’m constantly buying toys! My little man just gets bored of them so easily! ! It’s driving me nuts!

Our house is being  taken over by them! I wouldn’t mind so much if he actually played with them but a lot of them he uses once then just throws them away!



Does anyone else have a toy problem?  I feel like I’m constantly buying toys! Mu little man just gets bored of them so easily! ! It’s driving me nuts!

Our house is being  taken over by them! I wouldn’t mind so much if he actually played with them but a lot of them he uses once then just throws them away!


Sorry I’ve been a bit silent recently.  Our laptop has died ans my bb wouldn’t let me post anything.  But I have a new phone (still no laptop) and am able to post a few!!

The weaning is going really well he’s having breakfast lunch dinner pudding and snacks now 🙂 the pudding we spoon him and the rest is blw like I wanted 🙂


Picture is of little man having his dinner 🙂

He’s now almost 7 months old!! I can’t believe it! Where is the time going? ?

He has 3 teeth and another 3 looking ready to come through!  Still no signs of any words yet though.  But I ddon’t mind,  it means I can keep my baby a wee bit longer!


So, we’re nearly at that time, the time that comes in every babies life, where they start to eat food.

We’ve held out for the last month, fought tooth and nail with my mum and stuck to the fact that I am NOT going to spoon feed. It is strictly Baby Led Weaning for me.

Though recently I have been letting him taste a few things, though he has mainly been holding the food himself, like rusks and cheese 🙂 I cannot wait to start weaing him, it’s going to be so fun 😀

I’m going to start by giving him breakfast. So after his 7am feed he’ll we’ll have breakfast about 8.30 and I’m thinking of giving him porrige fingers as a first breackfast, or banana and melon and then toast fingers.

Then the week after I’ll start him on lunches aswell so after his 11am feed we’ll have lunch about 12 and I’m thinking finger sarnies (providing he didn’t have toast for breakfast) or prehaps some pasta or pancakes or even some oatcakes 🙂

Then the next week we’ll introduce dinner too, which will be about 5pm and that will literally be whatever I’m having 🙂 so chips, chicken, beef, cottage / shepherds pie etc.

It’s going to be so fun! Watching him play with his food and sqidge it and everything 😀

My mum still believes in spoon feeding but I warned her that I wouldn’t let her babysit if she didn’t follow my way of weaning. I understand that she grew up in an era of ‘spoon feeding’ but this is the way I want to do it and means I skip the stresses of spoon feeding and also a lot of research has been done and many mums say that their baby-led weaning has allowed their babies to independently feed months in advance so you see babies of 8-9months only just learning to feed themselves whereas their babies learnt at the age of 6months, to me it just seems a much better way to wean. I mean, the idea of feeding my little man something off a spoon that he has No idea what it is just upsets me. I would hate it if someone did it to me! And I don’t have to worry too much about choking as babies have an amazing gag reflex 🙂



Sunshine in Spring, Engagement and a Holiday… It’s all good news

So, the snow has finally passed and spring has arrived! Horrah!!!!

For the last few days we have had lovely lush sunshine! I have loved it! I went out and bought some factor 50+ Nivea sun lotion for my little man (don’t want him burning now!) and my cousin (who has just gave birth to a lovely little man also) bought him a lovely little shorts set and some gorgeous little sun hats!

We got some great news yesterday, the other half has his holiday in July so we’re off to the seaside for a week!! WHOOP!!! We’re looking at going to Weymouth, I went once when I was really young with the family, but I dont really remember it. I can’t wait to introduce sand and the sea to my little man!

We’re trying to get the garden sorted this summer so that it’ll be all nice for Little man to sit and play outside. He hasn’t quite got the hang of sitting yet, but he can sit aided… I’m not too worried, he’s only just turning 5 months, so we’re in no rush. Little man just gets frustrated laying on his back all the time! So by the time that summer arrives he should be sitting and playing around in the garden 🙂



A piture of Little man and my fiancé (YES!! HE FINALLY PROPOSED!!!)


My gorgeous, diamond and whitegold ring ❤


Snake Wrestling

Snake Wrestling

So, I have finally, at 4 1/2 months allowed Oscar to have some toys in bed.
For a few weeks now he has had this toy snake in his cot, I place it along the head bit, where his cot bumper goes and so the snakes head stops about half way down his cot.

Since doing this Oscar has been so good in his cot, he was good anyway, but in the morning he used to be a bit whingy, but now he grabs hold of his snake and literally wrestles it. It is the cutest thing!
And when I go into him in the morning he is Literally the smiliest buba ever and my heart sings to see him so happy and cuddling his snake!

Changing Bags and Changing Rags.

When I was pregnant with Oscar I didn’t actually by a changing bag… I didn’t think I needed one (sounds stupid I know) but here are 2 (what I used to think were good) reasons as to why I didn’t:

1) I got a free changing bag from Boots Parenting Club

2) I got one with my Trenton Travel system

See, two perfectly good reasons why I didn’t bother or think I needed to get a changing bag.

However, Oscer is now 4 1/2 months old and I am sick to death of these too smalll, very badly designed changing bags.

Lets us start with the Trenton mothercare changing bag.

It is literally just a sack. you can fit things in it… but once you do they everything will be lost until you empty the damn thing! You can’t order anything in there because of the shape, it’s literally a giant U shape. so all the creams fall to bottom, the nappies get squished into an imcomprehensible shape which you then need an iron to get back into a nappy shape! And there is only one teeny weeny itsy bitsy pocket which just about fits your lady things in… And to top it all off there is no zip or no velcro so the damn thinf doesnt even close, the lightest bit of wind and the thing comes open ready for a passing theif to steal all your nappies.

Now the Boots parenting club bag is Much better then this. Is has a nice external side pocket with thermal lining which fits almost any sized bottle! it also has an external back pocket which is uselful and inside there are a further two pockets. However, all round it is too small, the actual bag barely fits everything in and by the time everything has been squeezed in it is, the thing doesn’t close.

So almost 5 months on I have thrown down the rag (or cloth) and bought myself a changing bag. And my god I love it!

Its the Izabel summer infant changing bag, bought from for £27.00 (though I have just found it in on offer for £21) It has a lovely design on it and doesnt really look like a change bag so even when I no longer need it it will be usable as just a normal bag! it has 2 outer bottle compartments and 2 inner ones, 2 outer pockets and 2 inner ones and the space inside is very large! I’ve managed to get everythiong in and still have plenty of room to spare! It is by far one of the best buys I have recently made. And worth every penny.