Snake Wrestling

Snake Wrestling

So, I have finally, at 4 1/2 months allowed Oscar to have some toys in bed.
For a few weeks now he has had this toy snake in his cot, I place it along the head bit, where his cot bumper goes and so the snakes head stops about half way down his cot.

Since doing this Oscar has been so good in his cot, he was good anyway, but in the morning he used to be a bit whingy, but now he grabs hold of his snake and literally wrestles it. It is the cutest thing!
And when I go into him in the morning he is Literally the smiliest buba ever and my heart sings to see him so happy and cuddling his snake!


Changing Bags and Changing Rags.

When I was pregnant with Oscar I didn’t actually by a changing bag… I didn’t think I needed one (sounds stupid I know) but here are 2 (what I used to think were good) reasons as to why I didn’t:

1) I got a free changing bag from Boots Parenting Club

2) I got one with my Trenton Travel system

See, two perfectly good reasons why I didn’t bother or think I needed to get a changing bag.

However, Oscer is now 4 1/2 months old and I am sick to death of these too smalll, very badly designed changing bags.

Lets us start with the Trenton mothercare changing bag.

It is literally just a sack. you can fit things in it… but once you do they everything will be lost until you empty the damn thing! You can’t order anything in thereΒ because of the shape, it’s literally a giant U shape. so all the creams fall to bottom, the nappies get squished into an imcomprehensible shape which you then need an iron to get back into a nappy shape! And there is only one teeny weeny itsy bitsy pocket which just about fits your lady things in… And to top it all off there is no zip or no velcro so the damn thinf doesnt even close, the lightest bit of wind and the thing comes open ready for a passing theif to steal all your nappies.

Now the Boots parenting club bag is Much better then this. Is has a nice external side pocket with thermal lining which fits almost any sized bottle! it also has an external back pocket which is uselful and inside there are a further two pockets. However, all round it is too small, the actual bag barely fits everything in and by the time everything has been squeezed in it is, the thing doesn’t close.

So almost 5 months on I have thrown down the rag (or cloth) and bought myself a changing bag. And my god I love it!

Its the Izabel summer infant changing bag, bought from for Β£27.00 (though I have just found it in on offer for Β£21) It has a lovely design on it and doesnt really look like a change bag so even when I no longer need it it will be usable as just a normal bag! it has 2 outer bottle compartments and 2 inner ones, 2 outer pockets and 2 inner ones and the space inside is very large! I’ve managed to get everythiong in and still have plenty of room to spare! It is by far one of the best buys I have recently made. And worth every penny.

Old MacDonald had a Farm…..

What a bloody tongue twister that is!!

However my son loves it. He loves watching me get tongue tied attemtping to sing:

“with a moo moo here and a moo moo there, here a moo there a moo everywhere a moo moo, a baa baa here a baa baa there here a baa there a baa everywhere a baa baa…..” then a quack a cluck an oink a neigh a meow a woof a god-knows-what!!


But anyway my sioster has been doing a photograpghy project on babies and their relationships with animals, so we decided to take Little man to the farm πŸ˜€ He’s probably too young (18weeks) but he seemed to enjoy it! Will deffo be taking him again when he’s older and toddling around!

He loved the cows, and jumped a mile when they mooed and then burst out laughing πŸ™‚ it was so funny, though he wasn’t as interested in the horses lol

Oscar and the Neigh Neighs πŸ˜€


Oscar and the Moo Moos πŸ™‚


It really was a lovely day out with Little Man and the Sis … first the aquarium then the farm… next time it’ll be the Zoo! πŸ˜€

Water Baby

So as I just posted, my little man loved going baby swimming, and to top off the water theme, on thursday we went to Birmingham Sealife centre! And yes he is only 4 months, but he had such fun! He stared at everything so intently! Especially the Jellyfish


He stayed awake throughout the whole thing! Which impressed me immensly! Thoug, online it said that there was crocadiles and penguins, but we didn’t see any, so unless we just missed a bit thenthey need to update their website!

But my little Ozzie had the bestest day, he didn’t even sleep on the train back!

Though, he did have a good sleep on the way from the station to the Sealife centre! (seeing as his Auntie and his mummy got lost and had to get a taxi in the end!!)

But in all he loved the fishes! And has been a proper little water baby all week!! πŸ˜€



Swimming etc…

It is official, my little man is a water baby, he has grown his water wings πŸ™‚

Last tuesday he went baby swimming πŸ˜€ and he loved it πŸ˜€ no crying like a lot of young babies do (apparently) he was loving being splashed by the older babies (we went in a group and LM was the youngest one there). We went to a swimming pool in Nuneaton, Pingles I think it was called, and it was lovely, they even had a baby pool, which was ok, but I think Oscar prefered being dragged around the shallows of the big pool.

There was one little boy there who had just turned one and had just learned to walk he was adorable toddling around the cafe afterwards! Running rings around his mother and causing chaos and attempting to rearrange furniture! It made me so impatient for Oscar to start crawling/walking. But he is only 17 weeks today and the more I think about it, the more I want to keep him young and small and giggly πŸ˜€

Anyway, back to swimming, he wpre these darling little swimming shorts and was in Boots ownbrand swimming nappies, which were so cute, they’re bright green with little octopus on! He loved being dragged around the pool, we didn’t use any blow-up props I just held him and he absolutely loved every minute of it, he even forgot to be hungry!!

And even after getting dry and dressed he didn’t cry! I was totally amazed, and even in the cafe he didn’t cry for food, he was just such a gorgeous happy little mite!

Now that he’s been once I think im going to take him every week πŸ˜€



Undecided Weaning.

So I want to do baby led weaning, but my mum and my mil keep presuring me to spoon feed. He’s now 4 months and they (especially my mum) keep trying to get me to give hiim purees and it’s driving me up the wall!

Oscar keeps watching me eat and I’ve gave him little bits here and there and he loves trying new things, but I really want baby-led to be the main weaning tactic that we use. I love the idea of him feeding himself and squishing food and throwing it!

I just really wish my mum could understand this. She knows I’ve tried him with a few things already and she’s trying to force me into giving him more and more. He’s 4 months so he can have a few things, but she’s on about giving him baby roasts and god knows what else!

I wish she would just understand that Oscar is my own child not hers I wish she would respect how I want to raise him.

SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY! I understand that she has done this before (4 times) and that spoon feeding was ‘the done thing’ back then but it’s not the 90’s anymore. I’ve tried to talk to her and to show her by books and recipies the type of weaing that I want to do but she goes in a huff. Am running out of ideas and am now too scared to ask her to baby sit as I know she’ll go behind my back and feed him a proper blended meal probably full of salt!

A Year Ago

It was around this time last year (the 4th to be precise!) That I found out I was pregnant and started this blog… admittedly I haven’t really posted much considering this blog is a year old, but recently I’ve been a lot better!

Me and my Oh had been trying for 4 months until I became pregnant, and I can still remember the heartache and the sheer let-down everytime I came on my period every month. But then in feb we decided to not try, and just hope for the best, so that we no longer kept our hopes up and got hurt, then a month later I was pregnant!! It was the most amazing, bestest feeling in the world.

We had said that if I got pregnant then we would keep it to opurselfs, but we were that happy and excited that I took my mum for a coffee and told her! And then phined ,my dad followed closely by all 3 of my sisters!

It was bittersweet telling my older sister as she’s been trying for a baby for 2 years now and still nothing 😦 fingers crossed that she has some good news for us this year!

We’ve decided that we are going to start trying for another one in august and hopefully we’ll have a May baby next year πŸ™‚ I think 18/19 months difference is good, that’s the same distance as me and my sisters have between us and we’ve always been close.