Clothing for Boys.

This is a rant.

Anyone who does not wish to read an annoyed mothers rant, do not read past this warning.

Well, where to start? Oscar is currently growing at an alarming rate and I find myself having to buy clothes every other week, I wouldn’t mind so much if baby clothes weren’t so expensive! Or if even there were some DECENT little boy clothes around! The only NICE little boy clothes I have been able to fins come with price tags on them of about £15 a piece! MY CLOTHES ARE CHEAPER THAN THIS!!!

I think it is an absolute disgrace! For something so small how can it be justified??

The only place that does reasonable priced good quality clothes is Sainsbury’s!

And the worst part of all this? What really gets my blood boiling? The fact that you walk into a shop and there will be rails upon rails of lovely little girl clothes but for boys? There is only ever one measly pathetic section full of un-cute clothes which have CARS on them!? what baby wants to wear cars? Why project this stereotypical CARS = BOY crap onto babies? fairenough if they are 2 or 3, but why put a baby in a top with a car on? It makes me so annoyed. Why do little girls get to wear variety and boys just have awful dark colours with awful prints on? When did babies get caught up in all this ‘boys must wear this’ and ‘Girls must wear this’ ?? I think it is totally unfair. Especially as the decent boy clothing is all ridiculously over-priced.

It upsets me that girls clothing takes priority over boys clothing. Where is the fairness?



Mummies day, laughter and tears.

Once again I have neglected my blog. But at last I am back!!

Me and Oscar celebrated our first ever mummies day last sunday 🙂 It was lovely, I woke up changed a dirty nappy, got sicked on and wee’d on, then got to open my first ever mummies day choclates 😀 (which my other half ate) then I had breakfast in bed (once me and my little man got back into bed that is) which the OH cooked me NOM!!

We had a delicious roast dinner over at my mums and stayed there all the rest of the evening and watched the last Call the Midewife 😀 It was a lovely first mummies day!

So, Oscar is now 12 1/2 weeks, and is clinically classed as 3 months. I cannot believe how fast these months have gone! I still remember vividly laying in the hospital not sleeping just to make sure my little boy was ok after the traumatic experience of a kiwi cap and forcing his way out into the world!

He is such a big boy, last time I had him weighed he was 14Ib 7Oz!! and he was following a completely different growth line to what he had been following! (I think he’s having his 16week growth spurt a wee bit early).

The other day I thought my heart had spilt with happiness as Oscar made his first gurgle laugh! It wasn’t a full one, but he definitly laughed slightly! But then today I realised my heart did break with love and pride when he actually laughed properly!! It was the sweetest most precious sound I have ever heard in my life and I cried whilst he sat there laughing.

Since having Oscar I don’t think life has ever been so good. Sure, sometimes when OScar is crying and screaming I wish he wasn’t and sometimes i wish I could get more sleep, but 99.9% of the time I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Being a Mummy is literally the greatest occupation a woman can have, and to those women that don’t want children, well they don’t know what they’re missing.