28 Weeks and Counting…

Today I am 28 weeks (unless the title didn’t give it away). I went to the midwife (for the 4th time now) and the next meeting is in 3 weeks, by which time I will be 31 weeks. This probably seems highly obvious to everyone, but being a new mum-to-be I cannot believe how quickly these last 6 and a half months have gone, I only have about 12 weeks left until the dreaded labour day. It is terrifying!

Recently my mood swings have been getting worse, when I’m at home on my own or if it’s a quiet day in with the other half I start to panic, I find myself worrying that I’m not going to be a very good mother, that I’m going to get everything wrong or that my child wont love me as much as I already love him / her. I know in my last post I moaned a bit about how baby has been killing my back, but I truly love my little one more than anything! No matter how much pain he / she puts me through. Also, when I’m at work my moods are so volatile, I have no patience for anyone that even looks at me the wrong way! I don’t think I’m going to last until I want to at work. I was going to take my maternity leave from the 1st November, but the way I am, especially with back pain (which I get constantly, and not just the spine pain) and the poor customer service that I seem to be dishing out at the moment! Baby has finally moved, so he / she is not on my spine any more, which is a blessing as I was doubled over crying on some occasions!

I cannot wait until I finally get to see my little angel for the first time, it is so scary that it is only in 2(ish) months that I finally get to set eyes on my own flesh and blood, a little being that I have created. The thought and feelings that this create are unparalleled to anything I have had the privilege of feeling!

My recent blood results came back today too, and everything is fine, my blood is perfect (again) the only problem that was found was that my stores of Iron are a bit low as they are what baby takes, but the Iron in my blood is perfect. So I’m only on one Iron tablet, which is great really, as some women have very low Iron when it comes to this time in their pregnancy apparently…

Anyway, that’s all the news for now 🙂 till next time.



pregnancy and pain

Ok, so I know mothers, well mothers to be, are meant to love their bumps and little unborn babies, but currently I am finding it very and I mean VERY hard to find any love at this particular moment in time.

My little sproglet is laying on my spine and has been for the last 4 days.Every time he / she moves around I feel as if my spine is about to snap in half. It cannot be comfy for baby so I have no idea why he / she is this position, I mean it certainly isn’t comfy for me. I mean it feels as if baby is trying to kill me!! The other night I was in tears it was so painful! I’m telling you, I have no idea how I’m going to survive labour. 

And because of this I have turned into a BITCH. I mean a mega bitch on an epic scale. I snap at everyone, I almost bit some woman’s head off at work today because she wanted an americano with hot milk on the side, AS IF ANYONE HEATS UP A TINY BIT OF COFFEE AT HOME?!?! Why waste my time when normal cold milk is probably what they have normally anyway?!?! 

And to make matters worse, my partner doesn’t have a clue what to do, he sits or lays there helplessly as I cry in pain, bless him.

I just cannot wait until December when I can get this little sproglet out of me. At least then I wont have to curse it for the pain my spine is in.