The Mr and The Midwife.

Honestly, why are men so impatient?

So, we had our first midwife meeting on Thursday (yesterday) but she was running a bit late (30 minutes late to be exact). There were 2 couples in the waiting room, myself and my partner and another couple, a few years older than ourselves.

And honestly, yes I was a bit annoyed at being kept waiting so long when our appointment was at 11am and we didn’t get seen till half past, but you know, as most women do, I decided there was nothing I could do but wait it out. Did my partner? Did the other woman’s partner?


What did they do? They huffed and they puffed, they sighed and they swore. Ok, so maybe this other man had somewhere else to be, but the woman didn’t seem too worried about the wait, just a little irate, like myself, but I know for a fact that my partner had nowhere better to be. So there really was no need to huff puff sigh and swear as he did… MEN!! Honestly, they just need to learn the art of patience. (My personal opinion anyway).

SO …..

We were finally seen by the midwife, who was really lovely and explained to us that she was only late because she had a woman in who couldn’t speak English, which is fair enough, that would obviously take up a lot more time, poor woman, no wonder she was late!! My partner acted like he was wasn’t impatient and hadn’t been huffing and puffing (which made me chuckle as he clearly wanted to moan about the wait LOL).

But anyway, I had been warned that she would ask questions, what I wasn’t prepared for was being inundated and bombarded with a million questions to which I didn’t know the answer to! Thank god my mum got on the longer bus and was able to meet us there! She was a life saver and told my midwife all she needed to know! (Thanks mum)!! She then proceeded to weigh me and measure my height, which made me nauseous as I had thrown the scales out about 5 years ago due to being weight conscious so I had NO idea how much I weighed :/ but it’s all ok, my BMI is a perfect 21 😀

But then she told me that I needed to go pee in a little pot. And when I say little, I mean TINY!!! It was THE worst thing to try to piddle in. And JOY apparently I have to pee in one for EVERY meeting that I have with her. At least by the end of this pregnancy I will be able to pee accurately into a tube I guess…..

But yes, anyway, she seemed lovely and gave me THE BIGGEST book on pregnancy EVER, when she gave it me my first thoughts were ‘I am never going to read this’ but then I got home and I couldn’t put it down! It really was enthralling, but my partner has banned me from looking at a few pages – the ones about still birth – which I’m not sure he should but oh well, I might sneakily read them when he’s not around (shh).

Got my Blood tests on Tuesday, which I’m nervous about, I’ve never had one before :/ knowing me I’ll probably faint. Also I did NOT know that I now get free prescriptions just for being pregnant, and free dentistry, why did no one tell me this? This makes me happy as I’ve been skipping the dentist ’cause I can’t afford it for years!! Oh well 🙂 looking forward to my 12 week scan 🙂

Oh also, Midwife said that I’m more like 8 weeks and 2 days (8w3d today) so Splodge is due on the 5th (or there abouts) of December 😀 😀 😀 a little Christmas bundle ❤


A Little Heartbeat! Made Mine Flutter.

Ok, so last Sunday I posted about the SCARE of my life that I had with Little Splodge.

Well, I am happy to reveal that on Monday I dragged The Partner to the Hospital to have our emergency scan.

I sat in the waiting room almost peeing myself with nerves (I presume it was nerves as I’d already been to pee-pee about 5 times that morning and it was only 9am).

But I was not the worst one, The Partner was wriggling around, making strange nervous noises in his throat and getting more agitated than I was. Which was ridiculous as HE wasn’t the one about to have a scanner shoved up his foo-foo.

ANYWAY so at 9.20 (dead on) we went into the little room with the scanner (I saw the scanner that would go up my foof and panicked – it was very long :/ which made me go pale apparently lol!!)

So anyway, the nurse, who was very lovely, asked me how far I was, I said about 7 weeks and OMG i almost passed out with happiness when she said “Oh well if you’re THAT far gone then we may be able to do an external scan”!!!!!! *PHEW* (The partner almost laughed at my sigh of relief).

So I got onto the bed and bam, NO warning at all she squeezed the ICE-COLD gel onto me, and only warned me that it was cold after my exclamation of  “HOLY FUCK”

SO anyway, I swear the room was DEADLY silent, you could have broken that silence by dropping a feather. The partner was gripping my hand, and I was so nervous! What if there was nothing there?????

But then the nurse spoke

“Yep, I see a heartbeat”

I think my heart stopped right then and there, and then I realised I hadn’t taken a breath for a while and was about to pass out.

She turned the screen and showed us our little babies heartbeat, I swear to God, it was the most precious moment of my life so far, it was so surreal seeing that my little Splodge had a heartbeat. It was tiny, literally just a little Splodge attached to a bubble (which is a Yolk sac which feeds Splodge for a little bit until I start too, or something like that The Partner thinks that this is gross, but never mind).

In the moments where I was watching my babies heartbeat, I think my heart could have almost exploded, it really was one of the most incredible moments ❤ and I love my little Splodge so much. My heart flutters at the thought of its little heartbeat and the fact it’s growing so quickly ❤

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So there’s my good news, I am still pregnant, and my baby is 7 weeks and 2 days today (our own guesstimate was 3 days off!!) and I am the happiest I could be 🙂

Whatever Will Be, Will Be…

So, it’s been a few days, and quite a bit has happened.


On Thursday night I had the scare of my life.

I started to bleed, I didn’t know what to do, as I’m finishing Uni I was in my student house and my partner and family were back home. I called them straight away, and as you can imagine I was terrified.

The bleeding didn’t last very long, and but sometimes it was bright red, I was so terrified that I was losing little splodge, I was crying uncontrollably!!

But there wasn’t much that anyone could do, Mum and Dad came and got me and I spent the night crying into my partners shoulder. In the morning we got an emergency appointment with my doctor, who was very sweet about the whole thing. She made it sound like some bleeding is normal, she said it didn’t sound like a miscarriage, but we can’t be too sure  so she’s booked us in for an emergency scan at 9.20 on Monday morning. Because I’m only 7 weeks she said it’ll probably be an internal scan – so I’m now nervous about that too!!

I’m really hoping that nothing is wrong but I’m too scared to keep my hopes high, in something isn’t right and it goes wrong. Every little ache and pain I get at the moment terrifies me… But I’m keeping my fingers crossed!! In the end I guess whatever will be will be.


Anyway, so for now, that’s all the pregnancy news I have, will keep everyone updated


Getting the ball rolling.

So, I’ve started the baby process!!

I’ve booked my first Midwife meeting! It’s not for another 2 weeks…. Is it normal to wait that long? Oh well, even if it isn’t I don’t really have a choice.

I’m a wee bit nervous, I mean, I’ve never had to go to one before, Mum says she’ll ask me a load of questions about my families health and any illness (Not that I have a clue about that!!) Greg’ll be there too, but oh hell, I’ll probably end up holding his hand the whole way through like a child!

Add to that, apparently they’re going to steal some of my blood and shove needles in me :/ (Not sure I’m going to enjoy that all too much).

It’s all going to be worth it in the end. I’m just looking forward to my first scan when I get to meet little Splodge ❤


6 weeks 1 day today 🙂 

What Baby wants, Baby Gets.

One thing you have to know about me.


So you can imagine my pain when all of a sudden I don’t want to eat it.

I was literally gutted when my work mates bought me chocolate for Easter and all I could do was look at it and feel a bit ill. ‘WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!’ was all i could think. Then I realised, my little Splodge inside me is clearly going to be a health freak. But that’s alright everyone wants a healthy child (is what I keep telling myself whenever i think about it) though it doesn’t take away the pain of knowing that I used to love eating chocolate almost as much as I love my partner.

I won’t lie, I was a more than a bit upset when I gave Bugsy (My Lindt Bunny) to my little sister. But at least I know she’s going to a good home where she’ll be enjoyed immensely.

But oh well, Baby gets what Baby wants I guess!



Always and Never.

So, I’m going to post absolutely everything about my pregnancy on this blog, the good the bad and the embarrassing. Any other pregnant women reading this will either understand, or will be having a much easier pregnancy start-up then I’m having.

Ok so first little moan is about my toilet problems:


And I hate it.

Every time I need a wee it feels as if I’m desperate and that if I don’t go within the next ten seconds then I might wee myself. So when I do go and all that I pee out is a dribble I get MAD: I moved from my comfy sofa just to dribble out a THE TINIEST bit of water. I MEAN WHAT IS THAT?

And then it gets worse …

When I need the toilet for something other than a widdle (you know what I mean) I can’t seem to go!! The train just does not want to leave the station. And it REALLY REALLY irritates me! -_- and then I get moody because, not only do I go to the toilet about 50 times a day for a wee (which, unless you hadn’t guessed, I think is RIDICULOUS) when I go for a poopie I just CAN’T do it and so it’s feels POINTLESS and I get irritated.

My poor partner 😦 it’s a good job I know he loves me………… Shame my bladder doesn’t really.

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Scream, Cry and Laugh

Ok, so I know it’s really early on into my pregnancy, but I CANNOT seem to be able to control my emotions!! One minute I can laugh and be having a really good time with my partner and the next he says something and I’m biting his head of! (It’s lucky he’s ginger and can grow another one back!)

Or we can be having a little discussion or a chat and all of a sudden I’m near or in tears. I have no clue what mood I’m going to be in when he phones or comes home or whatever! I feel so sorry for him!! Last night I snapped at him because he wanted to have a serious talk about finances and I just didn’t want to, PATHETIC!! All I can do is appologise when I calm down, but until then I feel like I want to scream at him, bless him, I wish I could make him understand, but not even I do!!

Add to the hormones I feel exhausted a lot of the time and feel so bloated!! Literally, I feel like a WHALE!!!